A Practical, linked set of Resources to support Teachers with ‘Deliberate Acts of Teaching’, and ‘Self-regulated Learning’ for Students, aged approx 5-12+ years, using texts/books graded on ‘The Colour Wheel’, (Magenta-Sapphire).

Teachers: Save Time; the Resources are all built for you

Teacher Literacy Reading Resources that can be used world-wide:

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Supernova Reading Resources

Up-to-Date Resources that make teaching Reading easier, super effective & save Teacher time.

Our Resources have been upgraded and expanded to support Teachers to teach Reading more explicitly, while allowing students to measure their own learning, and easily identify ‘Next Steps’ from Magenta to Sapphire (5-12+ years).

We have linked the Learning Intentions (‘Reading Rockets’ and ‘Blast Offs’); Teacher Planners and Student Measures (Tools) along with all the Progressions (Magenta to Sapphire), with Curriculum Expectations, so that this has become a very comprehensive programme for teaching Reading.

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Thanks for such a fabulous resource - we've had a few teachers from other schools come to watch our new approach to literacy (its back to the good old stuff we know works underpinned by best practise) and the first thing I talk about is Reading Rockets and how it is the basis to my deliberate acts of teaching around literacy.


Love my Reading Rockets. So want to make a difference for my Y3/4 students. Teach at decile 1 school in heart of Mangere. Thank you.

Txt message from Class Teacher

I have to say the resources you have made (including the national standard posters) have been great and I've included them in the literacy programme. Thanks very much.

Principal, Okains Bay School
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