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Joanna Wilson
Dianne Ward

Developers, Dianne Ward & Joanna Wilson, both have a wealth of experience behind them as Classroom Teachers and as Literacy-Specific Teachers.

Dianne was a successful Classroom Teacher, who became trained as a Reading Recovery Teacher, then worked for over 20 years as a ‘Resource Teacher: Reading’ / ‘Resource Teacher: Literacy’.

Joanna was a very successful Classroom Teacher, then for many years worked as a Reading Recovery Teacher in a number of schools, and as a SENCO.

An idea to develop a resource that would support Teachers to teach more explicitly, as well as save teachers’ time, and for students to be able to measure their progress and identify their Next learning Step/s, led Dianne & Joanna on a journey of ever improving their resource/s.

“We introduced ‘Reading Rockets NZ’ in 2011 to schools, with the help of our IT Colleague Carolyn, who understood the concepts we described and planned, providing us with the very visual comprehensive array of resources that we have worked towards throughout the entire journey.

As a team, we continued to improve on each Edition over more than 6 years, adding more resources that were trialled in our own teaching, as well as gaining feedback from teachers who had bought into our resources over the years.

In 2016, we began a complete upgrade, to the highly structured, visual, precise & clearly linked resources that are aligned to Curriculum and the Progressions requirements. They are Trade Marked: ‘Supernova Reading Resources™’
Our Resources use the Colour Wheel format and support Teachers to teach Reading in a structured way, while allowing students to measure their own learning, and easily identify ‘Next Steps’ (Self-regulated learning) from Level 0-30; Magenta to Sapphire; 5-12+yrs.

Clearer links have been developed between the Learning Intentions (‘Reading Rockets’ & ‘Blast Offs’); Teacher Planners & Student Measures (Tools) and all the Progressions (Magenta-Sapphire), while providing a very comprehensive programme for teaching Reading.”

There are 6 resources now available, with a further one being developed:

  1. Reading Rockets’ (Levels 0-23; Magenta-Gold; 5-8yrs)
  2. Blast Offs’ (Levels 23-30; Silver-Sapphire; 8-12+yrs)
  3. Teacher Resources
  4. Learning Tools & Student Games and Activities
  5. Placemats, Tent Cards & Bookmarks
  6. Training Resources’ for Support people supporting Students in their Reading: Parents/Caregivers; Teacher Aides; Student-Buddies; Volunteers; & for Parents of Pre-school Children about to be transitioned to School. PowerPoints, Handouts & Instructions are provided.
  7. A Resource for Parents will be introduced in 2022.

Teacher Literacy Reading Resources that can be used world-wide:

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