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Love my Reading Rockets. So want to make a difference for my Y3/4 students. Teach at decile 1 school in heart of Mangere. Thank you.

Txt message from Class Teacher

My students get it! That's super important to me. Drives independent learning and keeps us all on track. Thank you God for teachers who care about other teachers' like Dianne Ward (& Joanna Wilson).

Maria Persson

We all think the resource is amazing and so helpful to track a child's next steps.

H Johnson, Rm5 Teacher, Amberley School

Love Reading Rockets (NZ). So good for students, parents and the teachers.
... A total triangle and easy to deliver. The best purchase I've ever made for Literacy.


An amazing resource and well worth the money. Many thanks.


Schools are so pleased to have your resources and I am pleased to see them using the Rockets to identify what they should be focussing on and where to next. Just to see them teaching item knowledge in sequence rather than randomly. Having the High Frequency words in front of them, along with the blends etc.. that the children will be meeting in their reading books at each level is such a huge help.


Fabulous! Reading Rockets is definitely making a big difference to our reading programme.


Kaiako ma- Brilliant for mainstream primary levels.

Bernie Vitolio

I purchased this (resource) a couple of weeks ago and it is everything it says it is.
It is great for sharing with families and students as far as clear language and steps.

Katz Taylor

What a great resource.


Wow Dianne! These look amazing. (National Wall Posters). You guys have done a fantastic job. Can't wait to start using these in class!


I have to say the resources you have made (including the national standard posters) have been great and I've included them in the literacy programme. Thanks very much.

Principal, Okains Bay School

Yes, I've used these too. They are fantastic! Totally recommend them.


It is wonderful and has changed a lot for the way our teachers are monitoring and informing parents. It was happening before but this has clarified a system for them. Many thanks for all your hard work.

Trina, Principal

Thank you...Great resources.


I should have contacted you earlier! I've been writing them (WALTs) out by hand and then tried typing them, and then pasting them on the sheet!! These are fabulous, so once again thanks.


I bought your cd last year for my school last year and we all love it. I recently joined a Guided Reading Facebook page where everyone puts on their ideas for reading. I probably should have checked with you first but I put on about how I use your resource and find it extremely useful. Everyone is raving about how fabulous your resource is and asking where to get it so I referred them to your website and facebook page. I hope that is OK? It is just a NZ teacher closed page.

Helena, Teacher

The new resource looks good. The teacher planners are perfect.
High frequency words are good. I like the font on the word assessment student probe sheets – shows the 'proper' a, y and g.
Reading Standard posters look good. Easy to read and understand.
I am a real fan of the resource as it is excellent for teachers in that it is explicit and clearly links to the curriculum and expectations for each level.
Well done.

GN, Principal

Thanks. This is an awesome resource!

BC Deputy Principal

Thanks for such a fabulous resource - we've had a few teachers from other schools come to watch our new approach to literacy (its back to the good old stuff we know works underpinned by best practise) and the first thing I talk about is Reading Rockets and how it is the basis to my deliberate acts of teaching around literacy.


My staff was dumb struck; totally in awe of your new resource. Thank you so much. I can't wait to explore it in more detail.

EH, Principal

I just bought a copy and can see that it would be a great resource for teachers or teacher aides to use with our students.

Robyn, Principal

We started using 'Reading Rockets' last year. One of the best resources we have ever bought!


I bought this last year and it is an easy resource to use. The reading colour learning intentions are all done for you as well. Great for BTs to use too.

Willow Wilkie

I purchased these personally & Wow, what a difference it's made to my management planning time & (it's) given me far more focussed teaching moments. Love your product. Best money I've spent/invested all year!


During the IMPACT day for the ALL Programme in Christchurch, I was impressed with the acceleration that was evident with a group of students from' ...(a school) using Reading Rockets NZ. 'Would you please send the 2 CD pack.


We love the resources and have used them straight away. The planning and rocket sheets for the books are fabulous.


Reading Rockets is fantastic. We just received our discs and the whole school is very happy with all the resources, and very excited to use it all!!

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