3. Teacher Resources

These include:

Teacher Literacy Reading Resources that can be used world-wide:

3. Teacher Resources NZD$95
8.6MB ZIP file containing 47 PDFs & 13 Word Documents

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Here are the contents of the Teacher Resources:

Each Reading Rocket and Blast Off comes with a Teacher Planner like the ones below.  They can be highlighted and dated by the teacher as achievement objectives are covered each week.  A different coloured highlighter can be used each week if desired to show what is being focussed on.

These are provided as Word documents so can be used as an online tool.

Reading Rocket Planner

Blast Off Planner


Sight Word assessments for each level from Magenta to Green

Alphabet assessments. Blend and digraph assessments

Word family assessments

Extra Resources

Information on vowels, consonant and digraph patterns

Alphabet cards – both upper and lower case letters. Type script and one shown

Work for children with b d p q confusions

Wall displays – Rockets and Astronauts

Lists of Contractions, Homonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes and Synonyms

Digraph and Blend games and cards with ideas on how to use them

Word family, long vowel and short vowel games and cards with ideas on how to use them

Sight word games and cards with ideas on how to use them. For Magenta to Green

Resources for Teachers to help teach Reading strategies. Handful of Clues

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